Brief Mental Health Screener Helps Police Triage With Hospital Staff

PoliceThe Brief Mental Health Screener or (BMHS) is an assessment developed by Dr Ron Hoffmann that is currently being piloted in Canada.  The BMHS is designed as an assessment to help police officers better communicate with hospital ER staff when deciding to bring a person to the ER.  It is essentially a triage tool for the hospital mental health staff, completed by the police who are much more able to speak to the family and friends of the person apprehended, as well as their surroundings and circumstances which led to their apprehension.

The instrument is proven to accurately help predict who is most in need of mental health services, which can then help ensure that the Police are not apprehending the same individual again later with a much more serious threat to themselves or those around them. The assessment is 2 pages in length and is relatively straight forward.