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I was thrilled to read your “Employee Education: Are you Stuck in the Past?” article! Your onion analysis is exactly how we have gone about addressing staff education/competency with the help of the AIS data. In June, we had 106 staff across the province complete the interRAI CHA evaluations, and a few weeks later held education sessions with all staff where we looked at those questions that were answered incorrectly at the highest frequency. We were able to address what were clearly common misinterpretations when it came to coding certain questions, correct our thinking, and cement that knowledge with further examplesI told the staff MANY times- I don’t care if you pass or fail. I’d rather know which questions you answered incorrectly as opposed to which percentage you were able to answer correctly. It was a tough sell, I’ll admit. But once we discussed the possible impact on clients when we complete assessments incorrectly, they came around. We are busy peeling onions here in Ontario, thanks to AIS (and our support contacts, Roxanne and Nicole, have been fabulous)!
Lauren Larabie, interRAI Education and Systems Lead
I have been working with AIS since 2012. With a goal to create efficiencies and enhance the learner experience, we challenged AIS to integrate with our enterprise LMS platform, powered by SkillSoft. To accomplish this, AIS ventured into an unprecedented strategic partnership with SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services, LLC and SkillSoft, undergoing a significant development project that integrated their AIS Central LMS, which ultimately resulted in the preservation of AIS’ unique learning analytics via a one-stop solution. The project went remarkably smooth due to the efforts of all stakeholders. The integration is now in production and further enables us to leverage a consistent training approach and offer our learners a seamless experience. The AIS team continues to be a pleasure to work with, as their detail orientation and immediate responsiveness represents their dedication to a positive customer experience.
Rachelle Melecio, Senior Director, Learning & Talent Development at SavaSeniorCare
I learned about AIS through interRAI as a trusted provider of training for their instruments. We were looking for a portable training system that we could use throughout Mississippi that would standardize our assessments and deliver a baseline of competency. AIS has done both! Everything to do with AIS has been easy to adopt within our framework. They are very responsive and great to deal with. We are just starting to use the data analytics offered within the AIS system. This will really help our State to understand how we can optimize our assessments.
Kristi R. Plotner, MSW, LCSW, Director, Office of Policy, Planning & Development Office of the Governor, Division of Medicaid, State of Mississippi
Hi, Ron You are such a great teacher! I missed the first ICD-10 Webinar, but participated in the second. The materials are great, the quick reference is wonderful, and you are an excellent presenter!Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jane Dunne, RN, RAC-CT, Resident Assessment Coordinator, HCR-ManorCare
I have been working with AIS for the last 5 years and find their service and people wonderful to deal with. The training modules allow us to keep our staff current and they are the perfect tool for educating new staff. It’s great to have access to the correct information in real time 24/7. I especially appreciate being able to work closely with AIS team members to customize our training to our unique needs. The ongoing webinars are extremely helpful and informative and keep us current with our industry. I would very much recommend AIS to others.
Sherry Bengtson, RN, LNHA, RAC-CT, VP of Clinical Reimbursement Extended Care Clinical, LLC
The ICD-10 course that is provided by AIS is proving to be a great resource for our team. The Training Module is very well prepared and easy to follow. Having the material available online 24/7 gives us a real time reference to ensure that our organization is ICD – 10 compliant. This is just another example of the professional and relevant training that is provided by AIS.
Fran Rainer, Pruitt Health

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