interRAI Solutions

AIS offers online learning for both the original set of RAI instruments as well as the newer generation interRAI suite. We support numerous national and state variations of the instruments, localizing the training and testing according to language and instrument differences.

We currently have Smart Learning solutions for many interRAI assessment instruments:

Implementing the AIS solution ensures case managers and clinician’s knowledge remains accurate and up to date on all elements of the interRAI methodology. Retention of initial training fades, especially with lesser practiced concepts.  The AIS competency evaluations and eTraining are implemented to measure and refresh important interRAI concepts, year after year, with each learner personally addressing their own competency issues. This is not only a very efficient use of an assessor’s time; it makes possible what is virtually impossible to do through in-person methods alone.

AIS’s solutions extend the reach and effectiveness of existing training resources. The rich library of training resources available within the eTraining modules (Mastering the interRAI) allows educators to leverage these assets in their sessions. In addition, learners can review self-paced material ahead of instructor led sessions; allowing them to review the more basic concepts on their own, leaving time with instructors to tackle the more advanced topics.

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RAI 2.0

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interRAI CHA

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interRAI HC

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interRAI LTCF – Long Term Care Facility

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interRAI AC – Acute Care

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interRAI ChYMH – Child and Youth Mental Health

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interRAI PC – Palliative Care

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Our SmartSource education solution has been selected by many countries, states and provinces to deliver standardized, comprehensive and cost effective education on the interRAI instruments.
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