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Information about the interRAI AC instrument

Acute care in many countries has increasingly become focused on care of older individuals. Data shows that admissions and length of stay in hospital has been reduced significantly over the years, but for the elderly and frail, the average length of stay remains relatively long. A common theme with these long stays is that these patients do not need acute care at all. They are however occupying a hospital bed because there is no where else to put them. This is often referred to as an Alternate Level of Care or ALC patient. Exacerbating the issue, is that while in hospital and following discharge, the needs and risk factors of these ALC patients are not appropriately addressed, causing further hospital re-admissions and longer stays. For a patient, this is clearly not in their best interest. For the health system, this pattern is major concern because with aging populations this problem will only get worse.

The interRAI AC has been designed specifically to address these needs. Older patients at their first contact with the emergency department undergo a very brief triage assessment which determines if the person should receive a more detailed assessment which determines if the patient is at risk of becoming an ALC patient. The progressive assessments ensure that assessment time is kept to a minimum, yet those who need more assessment time get it. Patients with the characteristics of ALC patients can therefore receive targeted services, both in the hospital and following discharge to ensure that when discharged they remain healthy in the community longer and avoid the next catastrophic health incident.

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