interRAI Long Term Care Facilities

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Information about the interRAI LTCF instrument

The interRAI Long-Term Care Facilities Assessment System (interRAI LTCF) enables a standardized evaluation of the needs, strengths, and preferences of persons in the skilled nursing, chronic care and nursing home institutional settings. The LTCF is the successor instrument to the older RAI 2.0 which was developed in the 1980s and 1990s.


The interRAI LTCF assessment itself is divided into 19 sections (A through S). Once the assessment data has been collected there are a set of embedded algorithms which come into play. These algorithms are generally called ‘Applications’ The most important set being the Clinical Assessment Protocols or CAPs. There are currently 22 interRAI HC CAPs which are organized into four groups; Functional Performance, Cognition/Mental Health, Social Life, and Clinical Issues.

Client care planning is further supported with a set of Outcome Measurement scales.
To support health system planning and quality measurement and improvement, the LTCF includes 22 Quality Indicators or QI’s.

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