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AIS has leveraged its extensive experience, rich database of nearly 2 million MDS tests, and years of data analysis to develop a unique, leading edge certification program to the USA Senior Care market.

What is CMAC?

The Certified MDS Assessment Coordinator (CMAC) certification program has been developed to offer you industry-recognized certification, demonstrating your proficiency in the RAI assessment tools and care planning. CMAC is the only industry certification that requires certificate holders to stay current with CMS legislative changes on an annual basis. AIS’s learning and technology systems provides an industry-leading certification with credibility, value, and ease of use. View our Certification Board.


  • More Cost Effective
  • Access to course material 24/7/365
  • No annual membership
  • Keeps you current with annual re-certification

“With a focus on MDS accuracy and the vast changes to MDS coding, it is important for all individuals involved in the MDS process to remain up to date with current RAI and PPS guidelines and regulations. CMAC allows for and provides the most up to date information available to candidates 24/7 at no additional cost.”

Ronald Orth, RN, CMAC, NHA, Chief Clinical Officer, AIS

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
AANAC $450 $0 $120 (re-certify)
Membership $105 $105 $105
Total $555 $105 $225
AIS * $395 $95 $95
You SAVE $160 $10 $125

After 3 years your savings are $295!

*No Membership requirement with AIS

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