At AIS, we understand your challenges, and have created solutions to meet them head on. Our solutions are built with one goal in mind – to deliver better care which creates better results for your organization. It starts with our courseware, all of which are made up of consistent learning building blocks that have proven successful to educate tens of thousands of front line care givers. A description of each of these building blocks is listed below.

Self-Paced Training is starting point for learners, and covers not only how to properly assess clients, but also how to interpret the outputs of assessments for consistent best practice care planning, as well as system-wide analysis of quality and funding. In addition to the core assessment, our topics also cover peripheral elements complementing assessment excellence.

Competency Evaluations are the primary tool by which our learners measure their understanding of the training received, both from the self-paced training as well as in any instructor led sessions. Every element covered in our training topics is covered in our wide selection of evaluations. Competency Evaluations are also a key component to learners earning continuing education credits.

Education Analytics is a collection of analytic tools designed to help educators and managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their staff. This helps assess gaps and provide insights as to where to focus precious educator resources and where to emphasize or improve existing training. In short, Education Analytics provides you with an at a glance view into the collective minds of your team, giving you insight into how to quantify your education benefits and constantly refine your education approach.

Our Community helps our learners and educators by providing access to live webinars, industry bulletins, and online repositories of frequently asked questions and other resources. When you subscribe to an AIS solution, you can trust that you’ll be kept up to date on important industry news.

Integration is the final element that pulls our solutions together, not only within the AIS family of products, but also with numerous other systems like corporate learning management systems (LMS), and RAI data collection systems. Integration lets learning happen on-demand, and in an ad-hoc fashion, giving staff a 24×7 lifeline to the vast collection of knowledge curated by the team at AIS.

The Healthcare Landscape is changing

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  • Quality/Value based payment models
  • Integrated delivery network
  • Changes to Medicare & Medicaid Funding
  • Balancing Incentive Program (BIP)
  • Money Follows the Person
  • Affordable Care Act
  • IMPACT ACT of 2014

Did you know..

  • Standardized patient assessment data will play a key role in health care policy, legislation and successful provider operations
  • The quality of assessment data is greatly affected by the competency level of healthcare professionals
  • Education, competency measurement, certification and data analytics will be key to ensuring quality assessment data

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