interRAI CHA

CHA stands for Community Health Assessment. The interRAI-CHA is a very versatile assessment instrument in that it is constructed modularly. There is a very short Preliminary Screener that may be used at the beginning of the assessment process. There is a Core assessment and then there are four supplemental assessments which are; Functional Supplement (FS), Deaf Blind (DB), The Preliminary Screener contains an Assessment Urgency Algorithm (AUA). The AUA helps to determine if the client should proceed to the next step, which is the Core assessment.

For those clients which further assessment is warranted the CHA core is completed.

The Core assessment has algorithms built into it that, if triggered, indicate the further assessment in specific areas or domains is recommended.

Probably the most widely triggered supplement is the Functional Supplement (FS).  Important point to note – the assessment items in the Core plus the assessment items in the FS are the same as the assessment items in the interRAI-HC (Home Care).  That is Core + FS = interRAI-HC.

The image directly above graphically represents the assessment components of the CHA.  The AL supplement is not near as popular as the other three.

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