interRAI HC

The interRAI-HC is one of the new generation assessments created by interRAI for the Home Care (HC) sector. The interRAI HC is a close relative to the interRAI-CHA. The interRAI-CHA features a versatile modular design making it a popular choice in community health settings ranging from individual residences to assisted living. interRAI says that “The interRAI-HC can be used to assess persons with chronic needs for care as well as those with post-acute care needs (for example, after hospitalization or in a hospital-at-home situation)”.

Although not as modular as the interRAI-CHA, the interRAI-HC is not without its own modularity. The progressive diagram below provides a brief summary of the workflow and applications of the interRAI HC:

The Contact Assessment is a brief assessment with three embedded algorithms. The first algorithm is the Assessment Urgency Algorithm (AUA). The AUA helps to determine if the client should proceed to the next step, which is the full interRAI HC assessment. The second is the Service Urgency algorithm (who needs services quickly), the third is the Rehabilitation algorithm (who has Rehab potential that requires further investigation).

The interRAI HC assessment itself is divided into 20 sections (A through T). Once the assessment data has been collected there are typically five new sets of embedded algorithms which come into play. These algorithms are generally called ‘Applications’ The most important set being the Clinical Assessment Protocols or CAPs. There are currently 25 interRAI HC CAPs which are organized into four groups; Functional Performance, Cognition/Mental Health, Social Life, Clinical Issues.

There are currently 9 outcome measurement scales, a RUG (Resource Utilization Grouper), a MAPLe algorithm (Method for Assigning Priority Levels) and the MiChoice Algorithm. As of the time of writing, there are 25 interRAI HC QIs under development; 23 are risked adjusted and two are summary QI’s.

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