Let us tell you a little about interRAI. Sounds like ‘inter-rye’, also note that the first letter is always lower case, even at the beginning of a sentence.

interRAI is an international consortium of researchers who are dedicated to older people and people with disabilities. The core of their work is to create health assessments and care planning protocols. A key aspect of their assessments is that no matter which sector of the health care system they belong, every assessment relates to all the other ones. Certain core assessment items will appear in every assessment they design. That is, they form the basis of an integrated health system.

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The interRAI HC or interRAI CHA assessments are a popular choice among States for the Uniform Assessment Tool (UAT) in support of their Medicaid Waiver Programs.

interRAI CHA

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interRAI HC

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Our SmartSource education solution has been selected by many countries, states and provinces to deliver standardized, comprehensive and cost effective education on the interRAI instruments.
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