I was thrilled to read your “Employee Education: Are you Stuck in the Past?” article!

Your onion analysis is exactly how we have gone about addressing staff education/competency with the help of the AIS data.

In June, we had 106 staff across the province complete the interRAI CHA evaluations, and a few weeks later held education sessions with all staff where we looked at those questions that were answered incorrectly at the highest frequency. We were able to address what were clearly common misinterpretations when it came to coding certain questions, correct our thinking, and cement that knowledge with further examples
I told the staff MANY times- I don’t care if you pass or fail. I’d rather know which questions you answered incorrectly as opposed to which percentage you were able to answer correctly. It was a tough sell, I’ll admit. But once we discussed the possible impact on clients when we complete assessments incorrectly, they came around.

We are busy peeling onions here in Ontario, thanks to AIS (and our support contacts, Roxanne and Nicole, have been fabulous)!